Best Buy & Target Black Friday ads

Another day, another new Black Friday ad is out.
This time it's two ads:  Best Buy and Target. And the ads show some great deals on TV's, laptops, and other electronics.
Consumer Reports Magazine and the website Black are both showing advance scans of the Best Buy ad.
Click here  or go to .
For Target's Black Friday ad click here or visit .
What's different
A major difference from five or 10 years ago is that door-buster deals start at midnight on Thanksgiving, which is the new trend this year at Walmart, Target, Macy's and other stores.
On Thanksgiving night, you'll find prices as low as $39 on Blu Ray players, and $69 on generic e-Book readers.
Among Best Buy's midnight deals
- Toshiba Blu Ray player for $39.
- 15-inch Lenovo laptop for 179.
- Sharp 42-inch HDTV for just $199.
- Playstation 3 console and bundle: $199.
- Pan Digital e-Book reader for $69.
Best Buy's ad says that store employees will start handing out tickets at 10 p.m. on Thanksgiving, with doors opening at midnight.
Among Target's best midnight deals:
- Samsung 32-inch HDTV: $277.
- Westinghouse 46-inch HDTV:  $298
- Phillips 2-screen car DVD Player: $99
- Xbox 36 0 console: $139
Until then, don't waste your money.

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