Plies Testifies In Court Over Gainesville Florida Club Shooting

Week one of the trial against PLIES wraps up with the rapper finally taking the stand. His testimony was revealing, bringing out facts about his upbringing: high-school homecoming king, best dressed student and a full-ride scholarship to Miami of Ohio University to play football. Attorneys show that there’s two sides to the man who calls himself PLIES.

Florida rapper Plies was associated in a shooting that occurred back in 2006, during his performance in Gainesville, Florida. The incident that left five audience members injured has found the rapper profiting off the injuries, according to two civil suits against him five years later.
In early reports, Plies’ brother Ronell Levatte and two other men fired shots in Gainesville’s 283 West nightclub. The shots were not aimed at anyone in particular. Plies testified in court last week, stating he was not affiliated with his brother or the other two parties guilty of the charge.
Plies currently faces $10 million civil suit, which is the second of two against him over the incident. The first was issued in February 2010, but a court judge dismissed the case in July 2010, reasoning that the rapper did not have any involvement because he did not fire the weapon.
But after seven days of testimony, Plies and his brother were found civilly liable for the shooting. The victims will be rewarded $200,000 total. The defense plans to file several motions that may lead to an appeal of the decision. --

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Adriano Valente AVL001 Watches

Let’s face it, you haven’t really “made it” until you have a watch to match your Lamborghini. Italian watch brand Adriano Valente feels your pain, big pimpin’. Its AVL001 collection features customization options, a unique case design, and exclusive in-house-made movement – because, sometimes, you have to reinvent the (watch)wheel – all of which are inspired by newer Lambo models. The Adriano site is super annoying – seriously, you’ll want to put your computer on mute – but we give the timepieces props.

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Racism Hidden Camera Shopping While Black "Experiment"

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T.I. Announces New Mixtape


The King of the South will release new mixtape on New Years Day.Tip took to his Twitter account this week to announce his latest venture. The mixtape, titledF--k Da City Up, will drop right along with the ball in New York City’s Times Square. That’s right, you can ring in the new year with new (free ) music from Tip. T.I. tweeted: “Breaking News! Its official...I’m puttin out a mixtape midnight Jan.1 2012 called #F--kdacityup Wanna be the 1st thing yall hear nxt year.”

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Mob kills 10 suspected pirates in Bangladesh

Bangladesh police say fishermen have beaten to death 10 suspected pirates who were wounded in a gunfight with security forces.
Local police chief Bashir Ahmed says the wounded men were being brought to a police station late Wednesday when hundreds of angry fishermen snatched them from police and beat them to death.
He said Thursday that police were far outnumbered by the mob and could not save the suspected pirates.
The deaths occurred in southern Bhola district. The area is 65 miles (104 kilometers) south of the capital, Dhaka.
Piracy is common along the coast of Bangladesh. Fishermen complain that security forces are not doing enough to protect them from pirates.
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KC Woman Gets $6.1M In Unclaimed Money

State Awards Woman Record Amount From Forgotten Investment

A Kansas City woman has claimed $6.1 million that had been held in Missouri's Unclaimed Property Program.The money came from an investment that one of the woman's relatives made in an obscure company several years ago. The stock was lost, but the value of the investment eventually grew to $6.1 million.The woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, claimed a record amount under the state's program."There is so much money that's out there waiting for Americans to claim," said Missouri State Treasurer Clint Zweifel. "Just to give you an example, in Missouri alone, I have more than $600 million on hand waiting for Missourians."He said the money can come from forgotten apartment security deposits, uncashed final paychecks, abandoned bank deposits and other places.
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Actress Kirstie Alley's Kansas home vandalized

Police have increased patrols in a Wichita, Kan., neighborhood after actress Kirstie Alley's house was vandalized twice last weekend.
The actress voiced her frustration on Twitter Sunday, saying "Next time gonna B met with a big dog and an even bigger shotgun.. warned."
Police say windows were broken in a back door of the house twice last weekend. Someone kicked in the back door in mid-October.
Lt. Barry Von Fange says the same person might be responsible for all three incidents but might not realize who owns the home because it's generally vacant. He says Alley, who is from Wichita, has a caretaker watch the house.
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Baby Seal Wanders Into House to Nap on Couch (STORY) Video

A wandering baby fur-seal wriggled through the cat-door of a Bay of Plenty house - and made himself at home on the couch.

A stunned Annette Swoffer thought she must have been hallucinating when she found the young pup hanging out with her cats in her kitchen on Sunday night.
The seal had made its way from the Welcome Bay waterfront, through the suburb's residential area, across busy Welcome Bay Rd, up a slip road, along Ms Swoffer's long driveway, under a gate, through the cat door and up some stairs before he was found in the kitchen about 9.30pm.
"I was in my office and I heard an awful racket down below... I thought the cats have brought a rabbit or something in so I went down and had a look - and there's a seal in my kitchen.
"I thought 'I'm hallucinating, this is just wrong'."
Stunned, Ms Swoffer called a friend who lives in a unit at the same property to come and verify what she was seeing.
"I'm looking and I'm definitely seeing flippers and not paws."
Calmly, the young pup then eased past Ms Swoffer's dog and cats before making himself at home on a couch and attempting to snuggle in for the night.
"Then it looks at me with those huge brown eyes. It was so cute, but I didn't touch it because you don't with wild animals."
Ms Swoffer called the SPCA.
"They were giggling away and I'm saying 'I'm not drunk, I'm not lying', there's a seal in my house."
The SPCA contacted the Department of Conservation, which was already looking for a seal reported hopping along Welcome Bay Rd.
Ms Swoffer said the pup was "really friendly" and not aggressive in the slightest - which is unusual for seals.
"I was standing there thinking 'this is really strange'," Ms Swoffer said.
Chris Clark, biodiversity programme manager for DOC, arrived to remove the young pup and release him back into the water.
It was not his first time doing so that day.
Mr Clark had already spent the afternoon capturing what he believed was the same seal after it traipsed through the Devonport Rd area between 11th and 12th Aves.
It ended up in a residential garden, scaring elderly residents.
He believed the pup had "obviously just weaned from its mum".
The pup had come up from Memorial Park and Mr Clark, with police help, eventually managed to coax it into a net and then release it into the Tauranga Harbour near Harbourside Restaurant that afternoon.
Mr Clark said that although seals can look "very cuddly", they were wild creatures and needed to be treated as such.
At Ms Swoffer's home, the seal was put in a net and box but as it was being driven away in the Doc vehicle, it escaped and made its way up to the front of the vehicle, accidentally turning on the radio and ending up on the front seat.
Mr Clark today said he was called out again about 9 o'clock last night after a seal was seen on Turret Rd but it had disappeared by the time he arrived.
Anyone who encounters a seal, or other wild animal, should call the DOC hotline 0800 DOC HOT before emergency services.
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Willow Smith Shares Working With Nicki Mina

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Adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott JS Wings “Air Force Flag”

Adidas and Jeremy Scott have again teamed up for pure sneak brilliance. The Adidas Originals by Originals x Jeremy Scott JS Wings “Air Force Flag” pick up where the first edition left off. The popular and outstanding ‘wings’ of the sneaker have now been moved from the eyestay to the collar, which extends upwards and past the back of the shoe; giving it a ‘Goodyear’ tire logo feel. Much like, the first sneaker, these use the wing feature as the main focal point; making it truly outstanding and eye catching.
The Originals x Jeremy Scott JS Wings”Air Force Flag” come in two color ways, one is a white base with red horizontal stripes which represent the stripes on the flap. The other, again has a white base, but the vamps and upper sides are blue with white stripes which symbolizes those of our flag. These are a must have for sneakerheads; they are truly stunning. Check out the photos after the jump, let us know what you think about these kicks.
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N.O.R.E. – Scared Money (REMIX) ft. 2 Chainz & Slim The Mobster

After releasing the cinematic video for “Scared Money” Noreaga had to come back and show us that this beat could go even harder the second time around. On the remix, N.O.R.E. invited 2 Chainz and Slim The Mobster to absolutely destroy what’s left of the track. I’m left speechless on how powerful the trio go.
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Mystikal Ft. Birdman & Lil’ Wayne – Original

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The Throne Goes To Paris 10x In L.A.Video

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Friends of Ebony Turner said he Boyfriend Claude Hudson was murdered less than 6 months apart

Friends of Ebony Turner said the 23-year-old was struggling to cope with Claude Hudson’s murder.  They said the two were dating when he was murdered in Kansas City, Kan., last August.  They can’t believe the number of homicides this year.
“We have 25 people who have lost their lives to homicide. That is a lot to us, one is enough,” said friend Tamika Pledger.
Turner’s murder on Sunday makes the city’s 25th homicide.  Turner was found shot to death in her car near the 2600 block of Parallel Parkway.  Hudson’s family said the couple’s deaths remain unsolved.
Investigators believe Turner was an innocent victim.
"We're concerned about helping her and her family to get through this. I don't believe at this point, that she was doing anything to warrant someone taking her life," said assistant Police Chief Terence Hall.
Turner graduated from the Donnelly College C.N.A.  program in 2010.
“She was a good nurse she was helper she was someone who liked to help people so she went into the nursing field,” said Pledger.
 Community members are holding a “Peace March” for all of KCK’s homicide victims.  The event is Dec. 14 at 6 p.m.  They are starting the march on the corner of 18th Street and Garfield.

Update (August 12): The victim of Thursday morning's homicide outside of the Executive Lounge has been identified as 22-year-old Claude Hudson of KCK.
Published (August 11): A man was shot to death outside of the Executive Lounge nightclub at 50th and State early this morning.
Kansas City, Kansas, police say they found a black man in his 20s, suffering from a gunshot wound, around 2 a.m. The man died at the scene. His name hasn't been released yet.
No suspect information has been released. If you know something about this homicide, call the KCKPD’s Major Case Unit at 913-573-6020 or the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-8477.

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100 Black Men of Kansas City holds fifth annual gala

The goal is to help improve the quality of life for African Americans in the community and Tuesday night, the 100 Black Men of Kansas City hope that is exactly what they did with 25 young adults.
The group held its fifth annual gala at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts.
The students were comprised of black males ranging from 12 to 18 years old.
To make it to the gala, they had to master one of the group's eight principals including learning that they can overcome anything.
"It’s the power of positive influence. Basically what they see is what they be, give them a way to learn other than what they see on the street or on TV,” said Jeffrey J. Davis, co-Vice President of 100 Black Men.
The gala also recognized several teachers for their achievements in helping the students.

The mission of The 100 Black Men of Greater Kansas City is to improve the quality of life within our communities and enhance educational and economic opportunities for all African Americans, with emphasis on our youth.
Our programs and activities are molded in our vision of becoming the model organization for African American men for economic growth, sustaining good health, setting a positive example and mentoring youth in the community.
Our outreach initiatives and programs are based on our four pillars of commitment:
  • Mentorship – To provide a means for the 100 to guide youth in life experiences that help the mentee to develop a positive self perception and self-respect, establish and pursue life-long goals, promote healthy personal relationships and encourage excellence in education
  • Health and wellness- To raise awareness of health concerns affecting African-American men, their families and their communities, and to identify partnerships that will assist in reducing health disparities in the African American community
  • Education - The “100″ is responsible for encouraging and facilitating the development of programmatic initiatives which address the educational needs of our youth and those of the broader community.
  • Economic Empowerment- To encourage and empower the African American community to become financially literate and economically self sufficient through the development and facilitation of programmatic initiatives whcih address the educational and technical needs of our youth and those of the broader community.

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Funeral to be held Wednesday for missing Missouri state trooper

The memorial service for a Missouri Highway Patrol trooper swept away in floodwaters over the summer will be held Wednesday morning.
Fred Guthrie and his Patrol K-9 Reed were monitoring high water near Big Lake, Mo., on Aug. 1 when they disappeared.
Reed’s body was found the next day. Guthrie’s body was never found, but he was declared legally dead on Sept. 28.
Guthrie’s funeral will be at 11 a.m. at Pleasant Valley Baptist Church, 1600 N. Missouri Highway 291 in Liberty.
The family has requested memorials be sent to The MASTERS (Missouri Association of State Troopers Emergency Relief Society), 5287 Highway 67 North, Poplar Bluff, Missouri 63901.
We will be streaming the memorial service live here on 
This Is A real Hero

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Elizabeth Taylor's Jewelry Sells for $115 Million

Elizabeth Taylor's jewelry collection fetched a record-setting $115 million — including more than $11.8 million for a pearl necklace and more than $8.8 million for a diamond ring given to her by Richard Burton — at an auction of gems and other memorabilia amassed by the late actress.
The 33.19-carat diamond ring given to Taylor by the actor she married twice, sold for $8,818,500.
The pearl, diamond and ruby necklace, known as "La Peregrina," purchased at auction for $37,000 in 1969 by Burton for Taylor reached the world record price of $11,842,500. It was estimated to sell for $2 million to $3 million. The price surpassed the previous auction record for a pearl, set in 2007 at Christie's auction house in New York City with the sale of The Baroda Pearls for $7,096,000.
The ring, estimated to sell for $2.5 million to $3.5 million, was included in a collection of Taylor's necklaces, earrings, pendants and rings and other gems that went on sale Tuesday night at Christie's in New York. The ring was purchased by a private buyer from Asia, according to a Christie's spokesman.
Among the other high-profile items was a diamond bracelet given to the "National Velvet" and "Cleopatra" actress by singer Michael Jackson, with an estimated sale price of $30,000 to $50,000. It sold for $194,500. All prices include the buyer's premium.
Taylor, a screen goddess who also starred in classics such as "Giant," ''Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" and "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof," died in Los Angeles in March at age 79. A jewelry lover, she had pieces from some of the most famous names in the jewelry world, including Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels and Chopard, in her collection.
Other sales of Taylor's art, clothing and memorabilia will be held later in the week. An online-only sale of some items runs until Saturday. Part of the proceeds will go to The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, which she established in 1991 to help people living with AIDS.
Taylor's collection of impressionist and modern art is scheduled to go on sale at Christie's in London in February.

ADDS DATE OF SALE - FILE - This , Sept. 1,... View Full Caption
The ring, estimated to sell for $2.5 million to $3.5 million, was included in a collection of Taylor's necklaces, earrings, pendants and rings and other gems that went on sale Tuesday night at Christie's in New York. The ring was purchased by a private buyer from Asia, according to a Christie's spokesman.
Among the other high-profile items was a diamond bracelet given to the "National Velvet" and "Cleopatra" actress by singer Michael Jackson, with an estimated sale price of $30,000 to $50,000. It sold for $194,500. All prices include the buyer's premium.
Taylor, a screen goddess who also starred in classics such as "Giant," ''Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" and "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof," died in Los Angeles in March at age 79. A jewelry lover, she had pieces from some of the most famous names in the jewelry world, including Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels and Chopard, in her collection.
Other sales of Taylor's art, clothing and memorabilia will be held later in the week. An online-only sale of some items runs until Saturday. Part of the proceeds will go to The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, which she established in 1991 to help people living with AIDS.
Taylor's collection of impressionist and modern art is scheduled to go on sale at Christie's in London in February.

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Rihanna Gets in Heated Exchange of Words With Twitter Fan

Check out the exchange of tweets below where tons of B- words and insults were exchanged. Read from the bottom up. 

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T.I. - "Here Ye, Hear Ye" Ft. Sk8brd

Here goes the official video to Tip and Sk8brd's "Here Ye, Hear Ye"! Directed by Adam Donald, the video features appearances from Young Jeezy, Tip's son Domani, Young Dro, Big Kuntry King and more

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Chiefs fire Todd Haley

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Chiefs' Head Coach Todd Haley was relieved of his duties Monday morning.
“This was a difficult decision but one that we feel is best for the future of the Chiefs,” Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt said in a written statement on . “Although there have been bright spots at different points this season, we have not made meaningful progress and we felt that it was necessary to make a change. We appreciate Todd’s contributions during his time with the club, and we wish him well in the future.”
Chiefs General Manager Scott Pioli also said in the statement that, “unfortunately, we have not been able to establish the kind of consistency we need to continue to build a strong foundation for the future and we believe a change is important at this time.”
The Chiefs dropped to 5-8 after Sunday's 37-10 loss the New York Jets where they garnered 11 penalties for 128 yards. including Haley's 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct.
Haley leaves with a 19-27 record in nearly three years at his first NFL head coaching job.
The Chiefs won the AFC West last season with a 10-6 record.

Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets got going in a hurry -- for a change -- and never stopped.
The Kansas City Chiefs? Well, this is one they'd like to quickly forget.
Sanchez threw two touchdown passes and ran for two more scores as the Jets kept pace in the AFC playoff race by cruising to a 37-10 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday.
The Jets, plagued by slow starts all season, scored 28 points in the first half and were helped by an inept Chiefs offense that managed just 4 total yards in the first two quarters.
Sanchez was 13 of 21 for 181 yards before being pulled for Mark Brunell with the game in hand, and was cheered warmly in pregame introductions after being booed in the team's last home game two weeks ago. Shonn Greene had a season-high 129 yards rushing and a score, and Santonio Holmes and LaDainian Tomlinson each caught touchdown passes for the Jets (8-5), who have won three straight and improved to 6-1 at home.
It might have been a costly win, though, as starting safety Jim Leonhard was lost early with an injured right knee. There was no immediate word on the severity.
Tyler Palko was sacked five times by the Jets in a miserable outing by the penalty-plagued Chiefs (5-8) a week after the quarterback earned his first victory as a starter at Chicago. He was 3 for 8 for 11 yards in the half, sacked three times, and the Chiefs had 4 total yards and one first down, compared to the Jets' 16. Palko had a much better second half, finishing 16 of 32 for 195 yards and a touchdown and an interception.
Dwayne Bowe dropped a would-be touchdown pass midway through the fourth quarter, but things got ugly for the Chiefs way before that.

In the most brutal stretch for Kansas City, the Chiefs were penalized five times for 81 yards during the Jets' final touchdown drive. One of those was an unsportsmanlike conduct call on coach Todd Haley, who let his frustrations out on the officials. Kansas City finished with 11 penalties.
Sanchez's 1-yard run gave the Jets a score on their first drive, as New York got off to the type of quick start it has been lacking most of this season. But, it began ominously as Sanchez was forced to call a timeout -- to loud boos from the fans at MetLife Stadium -- before New York even ran a play because of some apparent confusion about which personnel should've been on the field.
The Jets rebounded nicely with an 11-play, 77-yard drive that was jumpstarted by Greene's 31-yard rumble on the opening snap and helped by Patrick Turner's 10-yard catch on third-and-4 from the Chiefs 40. On third-and-goal from the 3, Sanchez threw incomplete into the end zone, but Chiefs cornerback Javier Arenas was called for holding, giving the Jets a new set of downs at the 1.
Sanchez took the snap, faked the handoff to Greene and it appeared every Chiefs player bit as the Jets quarterback rolled to his left and strolled into the end zone untouched for his career-high fourth rushing touchdown of the season.
Ryan Succop's 53-yard field goal with 4:36 left in the opening quarter made it 7-3.
Palko, starting again with newly signed Kyle Orton inactive with an injured right index finger, made a poor throw intended for Steve Breaston that Leonhard stepped in front of and picked off easily early in the second quarter. But, Breaston grabbed Leonhard for a twisting tackle on which the safety's right knee was injured. Leonhard was helped to the sideline by two trainers, carted to the locker room and ruled out for the rest of the game.
On the next play, Sanchez, facing heavy pressure, dumped the ball off quickly to Greene, who zipped down the left sideline 36 yards before going out of bounds at the 2. After Tomlinson lost 2 yards on a run, Sanchez found Holmes in the middle of the end zone for a 4-yard touchdown and a 14-3 lead with 10:02 left in the half.
Greene's 7-yard touchdown run put New York ahead 21-3 with 3:56 remaining, after a called fumble was challenged by coach Rex Ryan and overturned by officials. Tomlinson had a 31-yard catch-and-run to get the Jets down to the Chiefs 13. Greene then took the handoff on the next play, scooted 6 yards, Tamba Hali knocked the ball loose, but the running back was ruled down. Greene rumbled up the middle on the next play and ran over a Chiefs defender on his way into the end zone.
Tomlinson made it 28-3 with 1:15 left in the half when he took a screen pass from Sanchez, made a few cutback moves and got a big block from center Nick Mangold for a 19-yard touchdown. It marked the first time the Jets scored 28 points in an opening half since scoring 40 against St. Louis in 2008.
Things started getting out of hand midway through the third quarter when the Chiefs were called for three straight penalties, including an unsportsmanlike conduct on an irate Haley, helping move the Jets all the way from their own 3 to the 43. A few plays later, Brandon Flowers and Kendrick Lewis were called for consecutive pass interference penalties, bringing the ball to the 4.
On third-and-goal,

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Ebony Turner Shot and Killed in KCK

Family and friends rushed to 26th & Parallel on Sunday afternoon after news spread that 23-year-old Ebony Turner had been killed.
The young woman was driving in her car when she was shot.
Another driver saw Turner’s car hit a light pole. She then pulled Turner’s body from her car to give her CPR. She didn’t realize at that time that Turner had been shot.

Police say who ever killed turner shot at her car for several blocks because they found shell casings from 24th to 29th and Parallel.
“At this point we are still trying to determine what actually led up to it,” said Brittanie Pruitt with Kansas City, Kansas Police. “We did receive several phone calls of shots being fired.”
Turner’s mother collapsed when she arrived at the scene and saw her daughter’s body under a tarp. Some of Turner’s friends say it’s hard to believe she’s gone because they were together last night and they had a great time.
“We were just dancing last night at the club,” said Michael Davis, the victim’s friend “She didn’t do nothing to nobody.”
Friends say Turner liked to help others and enjoyed working as a nurse. If you have any information on Turner’s death, please call Kansas City, Kansas Police or the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS.

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Behind The Scenes: Wale “Chain Music

Mr. Folarin is gearing up to release his next visual for Ambition‘s “Chain Music.” Peep the lavish videoshoot below…

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Meek Mill x Young Chris “House Party”

 Meek Mill has been rocking crowds across the country with "House Party" for a few months (he got some extra love while performing in his hometown Philly for the annual Powerhouse concert) but the MMG rapper finally shows us how he gets down, with some new visuals. Rick Ross, French Montana and Young Chris join him for a night of debauchery.

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iNuke Boom"World’s Most Expensive, Biggest, Heaviest, Loudest iPod Dock

With the massive success of the Apple iPod, iPad and iPhone we’ve seen an equally impressive surge in related accessories being built for the devices. Today we take a look at an Apple dock that right now stands as the world’s most expensive, biggest, heaviest and loudest dock ever. Yep, German company Behringer, which specializes in professional audio equipment, has gone all out for their first consumer iPod/iPad/iPhone dock. Appropriately named the iNuke Boom, this iPod Dock is due to hit shelves next year. And by shelves I mean a flatbed truck on the way to some rich celebrity’s house.

The iNuke Boom will be selling for $30,000 when it’s released. It measures 8 feet wide and 4 feet tall. It weighs in at 700 pounds producing a nuclear 10,000 watts of sound. This beast is set to debut at the Consumer Electronics Expo in January, 2012. So we’ll have to wait until then to see if the iNuke Boom really lives up to its name. This iPod dock will serve as a showcase for Behringer’s new line of consumer audio products which will also be revealed at the CES.

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Child Shot by Mom in Texas Welfare Office Dies(STORY) Video

A 10-year-old son of a woman who shot her two children and then killed herself during a police standoff at a Texas welfare office died on Thursday, a day after his sister succumbed to her wounds.
Timothy Grimmer died Thursday evening at a San Antonio hospital after he was removed from life support, Laredo police investigator Joe Baeza said. His sister Ramie, 12, who authorities say was also shot by mother Rachelle Grimmer, died Wednesday night at the same hospital.
Their father, Dale Grimmer, spent time at his son's bedside Thursday before consulting with doctors and deciding to pull Timothy off of life support, said Mary Lee Shepherd, the children's grandmother.
"He spent hours with Ramie and finally had to let her go," Shepherd said. "He's just concentrating on saying goodbye to his children."

Their mother, 38-year-old Rachelle Grimmer, shot the children Monday and then killed herself, ending a seven-hour standoff at the Texas Department of Health and Human Services office in Laredo. Authorities say she had asked to speak to a caseworker about why her food stamps application had been rejected and pulled a gun after being taken to a private room to speak.
Police say Grimmer let the roughly two dozen people in the building besides her children leave unharmed. During the standoff, she rattled off a litany of complaints about government, Baeza said.
The family had been living in a rundown trailer park, and Rachelle Grimmer had been seeking food stamps since July, shortly after they moved to Texas from Ohio.
The state Health and Human Services Commission released a timeline on Thursday of its contact with Rachelle Grimmer dating back to July 7, when Grimmer submitted an application for benefits.
At that point Grimmer was told she would not qualify for "emergency benefits," in which documentation requirements are postponed, because she said she received child support that exceeded her expenses for rent and utilities.

A caseworker interviewed Rachelle Grimmer July 22 to see if she was eligible for benefits. She was told then that she must provide documentation of her income, in this case child support.
"We closed the case on Aug. 8 because we hadn't received proof of her income," agency spokeswoman Stephanie Goodman said in an email. "If we had that, it's quite likely she would have been eligible for benefits."
On Nov. 16, Rachelle Grimmer called the agency's ombudsman to ask that someone look into her case. On Dec. 1, an agency supervisor called Grimmer, but got no answer and the voice mailbox was full.
Dale and Rachelle Grimmer divorced six or seven years ago, Shepherd said. Dale Grimmer flew to San Antonio Wednesday with his brother and father. She described him as shocked and devastated.
Shepherd said her former daughter-in-law had a history of mental illness and Dale Grimmer tried three times to have the children removed from her custody while they were living in Anaconda, Mont., and Ohio with no results.
"Many, many times he tried to tell people what was happening and nobody would listen," Shepherd said.
The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services could not immediately verify her claims on Thursday.
Texas Department of Family and Protective Services reported finding two cases Wednesday involving Grimmer and her children.
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Kris Humphries Breaks Silence on Good Morning America : Kardashian Split

NBA star was thrust into the spotlight after marriage, split with Kardashian.

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Rihanna Gets Fitted for a Grill!

R&B songstress has released a video of her getting dental work done. Don't worry, anti-dentites, there are no cavities in sight!
RiRi is getting fit for a dental mold for a custom-made grill that she will wear in her next music video, "You Da One." Rihanna revealed that this is no ordinary mouth piece, the grill will be accented with fangs.
Recently, the singer's hit song "We Found Love" has been banned from France's daytime television. 

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Michelle Duggar Miscarriage TLC Star Miscarries For 20th Child

Just one month after they announced they were expecting their 20th child, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar of TLC's "19 Kids and Counting" have told People that Michelle has suffered a miscarriage in her second trimester.
"After the appointment, we came back home and told the children... We had just been talking about baby names last night and they were getting excited about naming a boy or a girl. It has been a real sad disappointment," Michelle told the magazine.
This is the second miscarriage for the 45-year-old mother, who had been due to give birth in April. Her first miscarriage, her second pregnancy, resulted from the birth control she said she had been taking. Michelle also suffered complications with her last child, daughter Josie, born in December 2009.
In November, Michelle told the "Today Show" that she was in "better shape than I've been in 20 years." She also admitted that the news of a 20th child had come as a bit of shock: "I was not thinking that God would give us another one, and we are just so grateful."
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Ace Hood – “The Statement (Intro)

 We The Best Music and Ace Hood are proud to introduce you to the first visuals from Ace’s new mixtape, The Statement 2, which drops tomorrow. The video was directed by Dazed One Films.

Ace Hood - Intro - The Statement from Dazed One on Vimeo.

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"RZA World" App Via Apple Release

RZA has released an app for Wu-Tang Clan fans that use Apple devices called ‘RZA’s World.’ The app was produced by Charisma Apps in partnership with the Wu-Tang Clan’s de facto leader who is looking to prove that his nickname Bobby Digital can keep pace with developing technology. The app will give fans a chance to see what its like in the mind of the Grammy Award winning rapper-actor-director with a number of features including RZA’s Chess Chamber which lets fans play games of 3D chess, Soundtrack to Your Life that will play beats and deliver words of wisdom as the user performs daily activities, The Vault which offers a gallery of RZA’s photography and unreleased footage and What’s News which keeps up-to-date with the latest RZA news. RZA described the app in a video that was released as part of the products launch as a tool that would solidify his presence on the web. “I wanted something to give me what I would call an electronic footprint. It’s something that I can use not only to outlet what I’m doing creatively, but also to give you access to some products of mine, back catalogues,” says RZA. The Wu-Tang Clan has a long history of offering fans layered products since the release of ‘Wu-Tang Forever’ which included an interactive CD Rom. RZA was prompted to push into Facebook and twitter while he was out of the country filming ‘The Man With The Iron Fist’ and used the platforms to release previously unseen material through his #WuWednesdays hastag. The app is currently only available for Apple devices including an HD version for iPad users and has a price tag of $3.99.
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Fact and Fiction About Salvia (Sage) is a common perennial herb that grows throughout the worldSalvia The Drug

Salvia (Sage) is a common perennial herb that grows throughout the world. The plant grows to be several feet tall and has large light-green leaves. Salvia is a member of the mint family, and is considered a common garden plant. Most common forms of salvia can be found in plant nurseries. They are not hallucinogenic and will only give users a headache if smoked.
Diviner's Sage, Salvia Divinorum, is one of the hundreds of species of the Salvia genus. It is not native to any place - Although it is commonly grown in some parts of Mexico, and now grows wild in some parts of the Sierra Mazatec region.

Although some users take salvia recreationally at a very low dosage, it is not a "party drug." Daniel Siebert, ethnobotanist and salvia advocate, remarks, "...salvia is not 'fun' in the way that alcohol or cannabis can be. If you try to party with salvia, you will probably not have a good experience." He recommends that it be used for meditation, or other spiritual pursuits. 
The active chemical - Salvinorin A - is the strongest naturally occurring psychoactive known to date. It has been used by natives for thousands of years to seek divine spiritual insight. The internet brought the plants psychoactive qualities to attention. In recent years several countries have introduced legislation to make prepared forms of the plant illegal. It remains legal in most of North America because of the lack of media attention, and the very small abuse potential. (See legality section below.)
There is no known lethal dosage of Salvia Divinorum. However, it is very strongly recommended that a trip sitter be present. Because of its short-lasting effects (when smoked), users can take turns being a sitter.

 Salvia is an extremely potent drug. Its effects are considered unsettling by some people, and as such, it is important to spend time preparing the setting of the use and your mindset before you use salvia. The first effects are what can be described as a building of pressure in the head, and sometimes of the body, this is sometimes accompanied by a sensation of vibration of the eyes. This is known as the 'coming on' stage, and it can last anywhere from 10 seconds to a minute, and roughly 10-20 seconds after initial inhalation or last 20-40 minutes and start after 5 minutes if sublingually ingested.
The peak can last anywhere from 30 seconds (which is rare) to 15 minutes when smoked, and can last 40 minutes to an hour and a half when sublingually ingested, and can include the following profound effects: Visual hallucinations, auditory hallucinations, hallucinations of touch, smell, and taste, visual distortion, disassociation, synaesthesia (seeing music, tasting colors), anesthetic effects, loss of memory (forgetting things like you took a substance or where you were before the trip began), introspective thinking, regression to childhood, ego death (which, contrary to some rumors, only lasts for the duration of the peak), becoming objects, the impression of seeing through walls, stimulation, intensely skewed sense of time, and a spiritual sensation of witnessing, being near, being watched by, or merging with a mysterious good or evil force greater than yourself. Another effect that occurs in the peak is bouts of laughter. These laughing fits are usually labeled as involuntary, but I have separated them from the other effects to submit that while they do seem to happen at random to the observer, as a user I will vouch that these laughing fits are almost always a response to the unusual images and scenes salvia hallucinations produce, and although they are knee jerk reactions, they are not what I would consider truly involuntary. 

Depending on the mindset and setting going into the experience, salvia's peak can be a beautiful and fun experience, or a frightening and undesirable experience. Salvia tends to be a psychotheraputic substance in that it can bring past traumas, repressed memories, or regrets to the surface. These traumas, repressed memories, or regrets can manifest in very blatant, or very vague ways, and salvia may bring up issues of the past that you are not ready to deal with at this point in time, if there is anything like this in your past and you are not at a place where you can deal with it, salvia is not something you should use, even if in the ideal mindset and setting. If you do not have such issues unresolved in your past, and you are in the correct mindset and setting, salvia may be used as a pleasant and powerful tool for exploring your consciousness, and developing a base of insight for you to refine at a later time. In a partail-dose (a dose that is incapable of completely removing you from reality), salvia can be a great recreational psychedelic/stimulant. Although not ideal for large parties, salvia may be smoked for fun by a small group of friends. although it is important to remember that Salvia only works as a recreational drug in limited doses, and doses that produce a complete fantasy/trip effect would become unpleasant and potentially frightening in a recreational atmosphere, and those high doses are only good for personal exploration and insight!
The afterglow effect lasts for 30 minutes to an hour if smoked, and 3-6 hours if sublingually absorbed. It starts as initial dizziness, which leads continuously tampering off euphoria, stimulation, visual distortion, a gentle head buzz. and sometimes random, short lived hallucinations (usually only in high doses)and some people report feeling connected with nature, artistic inclinations, and a headache.

Experience Salvia Video
  • Although the raw herb 'Salvia divinorum' itself isn't especially potent, it's psychoactive constituent, salvinorin A, is very potent, reaching thresh hold effects at 200 micrograms (0.0002 grams)
  • Salvia is non-toxic: Although the it is unknown what the overdose (LD50) of Salvinorin A is, it is known that there has never been a death attributable to Salvia or Salvinorin A, this is especially reassuring because most doses do not exceed 25 milligrams, though doses of 2 grams of salvinorin A have been recorded.
>the closest thing to a death ever being attributed to Salvia divinorum is the death of Brett Chidester of Delaware, was depressed and was using salvia. His parents claim that salvia was causing his depression, and point to the fact that he smoked salvia a few hours before he committed suicide as evidence of the link. However, salvia has never been known to cause people to manifest depression, and has never been known to since. It is far more likely that he was depressed prior to his use with salvia, and was attracted to it by the unsubstantiated claims that salvinorin A had promising anti-depressant effects that were going around at the time. If salvia played any part, it may have played a sort of catalyst role in reinforcing his depression, as mindset greatly effects experiences with salvia, and if you go in to an experience depressed, it will probably focus on depressing things, however it is extremely unlikely that salvia placed any thought into Brett's mind that was not already present in some form, this is a classic (and unfortunately tragic) case of why it is always said not to do salvia if you have some sort of issue, although if gone unchecked like it had been for months, the end of Brett's tale would have probably gone unchanged if salvia hadn't been introduced. Brett's parents got a law passed in Delaware making Salvia divinorum an illegal drug there based on her son's suicide, which is a shame that a substance can get banned because it had unsubstantiated connections to an event that, based on knoweledge of the substance, it didn't really have.

  • Salvia exhibits a reverse-tolerance effect - The effects of the substance become stronger with each use. It may take several uses before a user "breaks-though" into the full effects of the substance.
  • If you experience no effects from smoking the substances, there are three explanations. The first is that you did not hold in the smoke long enough. The longer, the better. The second is that Salvia has no effects on you. 5-10% of the population will not be affected by Salvia at all. The third is that you did not hold the flame onto the foliage long enough and the active chemicals were not vaporized.
  • Make sure you keep the flame on the salvia and inhale as much as possible with one hit. Salvinorin requires a lot of heat to vapourize, and if you don't supply it you are smoking plant.
  • Most users report that any strength of extract over '20x' is uncomfortably too intense.
  • Salvia extracts use a measurement of "x's" to label strength in comparison to the raw leaf starting material, the "x" in this system is meant to represent the multiplication "times" symbol in math, and it means literally how it reads, if it reads "10x" that means "10 times [the raw leaf]"
>Raw salvia leaf is on average .25% salvinorin A, therefore on the standardized scale for extract, pure salvinorin A would be 400x >Raw Salvinorin A leaf can vary in potency based on many factors, this means that different companies have different strength starting material to produce salvia extract, as a result, one producer's 10x extract may be unbelievably strong while another's 50x may be shamefully weak, is is important to find a supplier whose extracts remain consistent than to play a guessing game with potency, also, it may be wise to order that companies raw leaf material and check it's potency yourself to know how strong to expect that conpany's extracts.

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