Plies Testifies In Court Over Gainesville Florida Club Shooting

Week one of the trial against PLIES wraps up with the rapper finally taking the stand. His testimony was revealing, bringing out facts about his upbringing: high-school homecoming king, best dressed student and a full-ride scholarship to Miami of Ohio University to play football. Attorneys show that there’s two sides to the man who calls himself PLIES.

Florida rapper Plies was associated in a shooting that occurred back in 2006, during his performance in Gainesville, Florida. The incident that left five audience members injured has found the rapper profiting off the injuries, according to two civil suits against him five years later.
In early reports, Plies’ brother Ronell Levatte and two other men fired shots in Gainesville’s 283 West nightclub. The shots were not aimed at anyone in particular. Plies testified in court last week, stating he was not affiliated with his brother or the other two parties guilty of the charge.
Plies currently faces $10 million civil suit, which is the second of two against him over the incident. The first was issued in February 2010, but a court judge dismissed the case in July 2010, reasoning that the rapper did not have any involvement because he did not fire the weapon.
But after seven days of testimony, Plies and his brother were found civilly liable for the shooting. The victims will be rewarded $200,000 total. The defense plans to file several motions that may lead to an appeal of the decision. --

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