Friends of Ebony Turner said he Boyfriend Claude Hudson was murdered less than 6 months apart

Friends of Ebony Turner said the 23-year-old was struggling to cope with Claude Hudson’s murder.  They said the two were dating when he was murdered in Kansas City, Kan., last August.  They can’t believe the number of homicides this year.
“We have 25 people who have lost their lives to homicide. That is a lot to us, one is enough,” said friend Tamika Pledger.
Turner’s murder on Sunday makes the city’s 25th homicide.  Turner was found shot to death in her car near the 2600 block of Parallel Parkway.  Hudson’s family said the couple’s deaths remain unsolved.
Investigators believe Turner was an innocent victim.
"We're concerned about helping her and her family to get through this. I don't believe at this point, that she was doing anything to warrant someone taking her life," said assistant Police Chief Terence Hall.
Turner graduated from the Donnelly College C.N.A.  program in 2010.
“She was a good nurse she was helper she was someone who liked to help people so she went into the nursing field,” said Pledger.
 Community members are holding a “Peace March” for all of KCK’s homicide victims.  The event is Dec. 14 at 6 p.m.  They are starting the march on the corner of 18th Street and Garfield.

Update (August 12): The victim of Thursday morning's homicide outside of the Executive Lounge has been identified as 22-year-old Claude Hudson of KCK.
Published (August 11): A man was shot to death outside of the Executive Lounge nightclub at 50th and State early this morning.
Kansas City, Kansas, police say they found a black man in his 20s, suffering from a gunshot wound, around 2 a.m. The man died at the scene. His name hasn't been released yet.
No suspect information has been released. If you know something about this homicide, call the KCKPD’s Major Case Unit at 913-573-6020 or the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-8477.

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