Suspected BMF Members Arrested

With four new big arrests, Atlanta police believe they have just about shut down the so-called Black Mafia Family organization. The suspects were hiding out in one of the city's most popular areas.
U.S. Marshals said one of the suspects is one of the Atlanta Police Departments Top 10 Most Wanted.
U.S. Marshals said they arrested 37-year-old Ernest Dennis and 40-year-old Jonathan Manigualt outside a Buckhead hotel. Both men, they say are members of the Black Mafia Family or BMF.
"Anyone tied to BMF, typically has an extensive criminal history, so we consider them to be very violent," said Inspector James Ergas, of the U.S. Marshals.

37-year-old Ernest Dennis
Investigators said the BMF is heavily involved in drug trafficking and has been in Atlanta at least since 2004, at that time federal agents seized a limo with secret compartments that had almost a million dollars hidden inside. Within the last two weeks U.S. Marshals and Atlanta police have arrested a total of four BMF members including these two men, Ricardo Webb and Tovis Raines.
"We know that they don't have level of contacts or access to drugs and money the way they had before, so we're slowly destroying their organization," said Ergas.

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