Ebony Turner Shot and Killed in KCK

Family and friends rushed to 26th & Parallel on Sunday afternoon after news spread that 23-year-old Ebony Turner had been killed.
The young woman was driving in her car when she was shot.
Another driver saw Turner’s car hit a light pole. She then pulled Turner’s body from her car to give her CPR. She didn’t realize at that time that Turner had been shot.

Police say who ever killed turner shot at her car for several blocks because they found shell casings from 24th to 29th and Parallel.
“At this point we are still trying to determine what actually led up to it,” said Brittanie Pruitt with Kansas City, Kansas Police. “We did receive several phone calls of shots being fired.”
Turner’s mother collapsed when she arrived at the scene and saw her daughter’s body under a tarp. Some of Turner’s friends say it’s hard to believe she’s gone because they were together last night and they had a great time.
“We were just dancing last night at the club,” said Michael Davis, the victim’s friend “She didn’t do nothing to nobody.”
Friends say Turner liked to help others and enjoyed working as a nurse. If you have any information on Turner’s death, please call Kansas City, Kansas Police or the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS.

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