Comedienne Being Sued by Inlaws

Comedienne Sunda Croonquist is making headlines after her in-laws filed a lawsuit against her for making jokes about them in her stand-up routine.  ”I felt sick to my stomach. I was sickened,” the comedienne tells ET of the suit. “This is my children’s grandmother. I thought maybe a phone call would suffice.” Croonquist, of African-American and Swedish descent, included jokes about the cultural differences between herself and her husband’s Jewish family in her act. Now, her in-laws are suing her, accusing their daughter-in-law of spreading false, defamatory and racist lies in her stand-up routine.  ”That’s what you do to someone who makes incredibly horrible jokes about you. Someone who’s vicious to you. I don’t consider my act vicious at all,” Croonquist says of her in-laws’ actions.


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