4 believed killed by death rap fan were bludgeoned in head, police say

The death rap devotee suspected of killing his teenage girlfriend and three others in Farmville, Va., bludgeoned each victim in the head, authorities said Tuesday. Richard "Sammy" McCroskey, 20, remains jailed in Farmville, where prosecutors confirmed the victims’ identities Tuesday but said they did not know exactly when they died. The victims were McCroskey’s girlfriend, Emma Niederbrock, 16; her parents, university professor Debra Kelley, 53, and church Pastor Mark Niederbrock, 50; and Emma Niederbrock’s best friend, Melanie Wells, 18, of Inwood, W.Va. Police said McCroskey, a fan of violence-themed "horror-core" music, killed the victims after flying to Virginia on Sept. 6 and attending a horror-core festival with Emma Niederbrock and others in Michigan a week later. Sometime last week, McCroskey allegedly bludgeoned the four, then stayed in the home as the bodies began to decompose. A tow truck driver who helped McCroskey remove a car from a ditch Friday said he was almost overwhelmed by a stench he later concluded was from rotting flesh. "He stunk like the devil," Elton Napier said.

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