Chris Brown's rubbish new job

CHRIS BROWN cut a lonely figure as he began his 180 days of community service for beating up ex-girlfriend RIHANNA. 

The 20-year-old singer was seen pulling weeds and picking up rubbish at a police horse stable near to his home in Richmond, Virginia - just days after pleading with the beauty to give him a second chance.
Decked out in a fluorescent orange vest over a white top, Brown's clobber was a real contrast to his usual designer threads.
But he wanted to show fans his efforts after Tweeting "check out my outfit" alongside a picture of himself in his work uniform.

The judge allowed Chris to do the labour in his home state after receiving assurances from Virginia officials that he'd be doing hard manual work.
Local police say Brown's schedule will also include washing government cars and cleaning up graffiti.
Brown assaulted Rihanna after they left a pre-Grammys party in February.
He pleaded guilty in June and was ordered to serve six months hard labour and told he must stay at least 50 yards away from Rihanna for the next five years.
Earlier this week Chris said he felt "incomplete" without Rihanna.
He Tweeted: "MY HEART IS INCOMPLETE... the part that is complete is my love for fans, career, friends, family, God. But I'm missing someone or something."I Bet He Did

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