Christian Audigier Buys Michael Jackson's Rented Mansion!

As if the creation of Ed Hardy hasn't harmed humanity enough!
Supplier of fashion to the douchetastic, Christian Audigier, is purchasing the Holmby Hills mansion last inhabited by Michael Jackson.
And, yes, it's the house he died in!
Since Audigier was not able to turn the estate into a museum like he hoped, he will open it every June to showcase exhibits and musical productions honoring the King of Pop on the month of his death.
The house is said to be worth over 30 million dollars and currently belongs to Audigier's boss in the fashion company, Hubert Guez.
"I can have the house in one month now," said the fug fashion mogul, who was close to Jackson. "I get the keys two weeks from today."
Yet, Christian was in Paris the day of Michael's funeral in order to promote his El Lay based celeb clothing brand!
"I miss him," he claims. "God bless him."

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