Kanye And Soulja Boy Exchange Production Skills

Kanye West has allegedly reached out to Soulja Boy Tell Em, for production assistance on his new album. The pair are expected to exchange beats for their solo ventures.

"I'm working on Kanye's next album right now," Soulja Boy revealed in an interview. "We working together on production because he makes beats and I make beats. Right now I’m remixing a couple of records for him. I'm actually working on [Kanye's] album while he’s working on my album."

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"I know a million producers that are no-names, but they got hot beats," he said in an interview. "I will be going back in the lab to produce beats on this album, I really haven't produced since my second album, but I'm looking forward to doing a 50/50 split beat with Kanye West. I think that'll be hot because he's a great lyricist, but an awesome producer as well. I feel like I'm an awesome producer too, and both of us in the studio together at the same time can come out with a smash."

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