Lil Wayne Shoots Hoops With New Orleans Hornets Star Chris Paul

NBA super point guard Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets obviously loves basketball, but he's also passionate about another sport: bowling. He told us this week that fellow N.O. star Lil Wayne can't see him on the lanes.
"Man, he doesn't have the best of me in bowling," Paul said. "Actually, I got my celebrity [bowling] thing coming up [soon]. I talked to Wayne ... to try and get him to come down."
CP says that he and Weezy competed at hoops recently and, surprisingly, the Cash Money/ Young Money Millionaire hung with him.
"I went to one of Wayne's shows ... it might have been after my rookie year," Paul explained. "There was a basketball goal set up outside. He came, we shot the best out of 10. It surprised me — we shot the best out of 10, he made seven. But I came through and made eight."
Paul was in New York City this week promoting his first book for children, "Long Shot: Never Too Small to Dream Big."
"It's actually been a long time coming — a couple of years," he said. "I've been so anxious for the book to come out, to see it written and work with the illustrators, it's a great feeling. Something I'm excited to share with people in the country. ... I just wanna focus on the kids. That's definitely my passion. I wanna touch kids at an early age so they can know to not limit themselves to certain things

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