Mr. T gives his gruff-but-sweet persona another go with role in 'Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Mr. T pities the foolish person who tries to pigeonhole him as a cartoonish tough guy who's a relic of '80s pop culture.
Now, he's back in the spotlight as a real cartoon - lending his voice as a tough but tender police officer in the new 3-D computer-animated film "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs."
And though he broke through with an intimidating image cultivated in movies like "Rocky III," Mr. T, aka Laurence Tureaud, says it's all an act. Raised by a single mother in a household of 12 kids in a poor Chicago neighborhood, the 57-year-old actor is out to inspire struggling kids in inner cities and beyond.
"'I'm nothing but a big, overgrown tough mama's boy," he says. "I won't get involved with certain movies, I won't be hanging out in certain places. A lot of people look up to me and I won't violate that."
If you haven't noticed, the former "A-Team" star has strong opinions. Consider yourself warned.

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