Mr. Finley IS Waking Up In Vegas…..

MR. FINLEY can sing his arse off! But he’s not a singer, he’s a rapper. This JACKSON 5 loving Las Vegas, NV native flipped the script at age 13, discovering he wanted to spit on the track rather than chirp. Grouping up with two friends and calling themselves the “Desert Squad,” the artist known as “Wease Mac” produced a hit or two before calling the group quits. It was his mixtape, “King of Vegas Vol 1.” in 2004 and his 2nd, 3rd, and 4th volumes in summer 2005, though, that brought the house down.
Mr. Finley got signed to Def Jam by way of a merger with Ghet-O-Vision and URBAN KAWAN “KP” PRATHER“, who has guided the careers of USHER, PINK, and T.I. in the past. On his debut album out in fall 2009 called The Talented Mr. Finley, he stays true to his name. Ther’s not a dull beat on this gritty record, full of production by hitmakers DON CANNON, DJ TOOMP, KP and MALAY.
There’s just one thing Mr. Finley wants his listeners to remember about him and Sin City, “I’m Vegas man, and Vegas ain’t the strip!” Listen to his new track, “For The Money,” now.

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