Royce Confirms Negotiations With Shady Records

As we reported last week, after they appeared in the new "Forever" video  many rumors started going around that mega group Slaughterhouse was in negotiations with Eminem and his Shady Records, now the rumors have been confirmed. "I’ve been talking to Em and Paul for a long time," Royce said during an interview with MTV. [Royce Da 5'9 Confirms Slaughterhouse Negotiations With Shady
     Royce says that things are coming together with the possible deal. "With this particular situation, things are falling into place. Everything is in place where it’s supposed to be. I’m very prepared [for] when the opportunity presented itself. It’s a time where there’s things they need over here and certain things we need in order to move over there. I think it’s a good marriage. Like I said, I just hope it can happen.

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