Two LAPD Officers Suspended For Leaking Rihanna Beating Photo

A pair of Los Angeles cops have been suspended on suspicion of leaking the notorious photo of a battered and bruised Rihanna just hours after her brawl with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

Last month, Brown was sentenced to six months community service and five years probation after pleading guilty to beating Rihanna in his rented car after a Pre-Grammy Awards Party in Los Angeles last February. The picture created shockwaves after it was published on celebrity website months later. Police launched a probe into the leak and two female officerss – one based at the Wilshire Area station, the other at Hollenbeck Area – are now reportedly under suspension for selling the flick to TMZ, according to a scoop from Internal Affairs has conducted searches on their homes, offices, and lockers and further censures are pending.
The officers face disciplinary action and a possible charge of identifying a victim of domestic violence.

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