What Kanye West Ment For Taylor Swift Is Looking Good

Taylor Swift owes Kanye West a a shot of hip hop marketing Petron , the teenage country singer whose career  is about as exciting as a country mile  and who has  sold more than 3 millions records has been injected with a shot of hip hop steroids . When you add up all the tweets , youtube videos , and television coverage this little lady has received , you must agree at the end of the day she'll be just fine as media watches her every move for the next 3-4 months . What Kanye West did was wrong but what hsaid e was right . Beyonce's million dollar video's are hard for any celebrity to compete with . Is MTV guilty of a little affirmative action in this case? , you bet . Did Kanye go out of his way to shine light on the subject ? Did Joe Wilson? , yes to both . Both men got out their microscopes during these incidents .

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