Brad Pitt In Motorcycle Accident Pics

Although the details of what happened are unclear, the consensus is that Brad Pitt was in a minor motorcycle accident. This is what happened according to TMZ:
We just spoke to someone who has seen video of the incident -- and we're told absolutely no one else was involved in the accident.
We're told Brad tried to maneuver his bike between a parked car and a car stopped at a red light, and his handlebars clipped the parked car.
We're told he lost control and fell over -- and everything is fine.
TMZ reports that Brad was able to get the motorcycle off the street before going into a nearby apartment building where he waited for someone to pick him up. He left the motorcycle at the scene, but it was towed away later.
However, according to Radar Online, Brad was rear-ended by a paparazzo, which caused him to rear-end the car in front of him. Afterwards, Brad exchanged insurance information with the driver he rear-ended, surveyed the damage to his motorcycle, and made arrangements to have it towed away.

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