Chelsy Davy: Chinawhite Party Chick

Stepping out with a few girlfriends, Chelsy Davy was in party mode at the Chinawhite reopening fete in London on Wednesday night (October 21).
Sipping on a variety of colorful fruit cocktails, the lawyer in the making has been a mainstay in tabloid headlines as of late - with rumors of a rekindled romance with Prince Harry.

According to reports, Prince Harry is hoping to get their relationship back on track with a trip to the five-star Shakawe fishing lodge in the Okavango Delta.
Of the vacation plans, a pal told the Daily Mail, “Chelsy and Harry went to the same area four years ago when they had just started dating. Harry is really hoping that the trip will go ahead, if their schedules allow because it will be an ideal opportunity to rekindle their affair.”
The insider adds, “They are back together but it’s definitely Harry who has been doing all the running. Chelsy hates the media attention and it’s one of the reasons they are staying so low-key.”

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