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Be On The Look Out For His First Ever
Documentary Kansas City's Riv Locc The Go Getta
     Here is the trailer for the upcoming documentary The Life Of Riv Locc The Go Getta.
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You may have to listen twice to catch all the metaphors this prolific up and coming star will throw at you. There is no doubt that “ Rivlocc” will soon take the music scene by storm. Representing “ Kansas City, Mo”, the “ Go-Getta” is bringing his originality and realness to the game. This lyrical assassin speaks from the soul and therefore captivates his audiences and keeps them longing to hear what he will say next. His intelligence and wisdom which may otherwise be overlooked is portrayed through his lyrics and demands great admiration. Born and raised through the metro district of Kansas City, he moved more than fast enough to obtain the “ Go -Getta”. He was first featured on Macc James “ Premeditated” at the rebellious age of 16, which did an exceptional job on a local scale. He also appeared on “ Undertaccuz” which Chop It Up Clicc dropped in late 1999. He later performed from behind the walls of the “ State Penitentiary” to later opening up for industrial artist such as “Chingy”, “ Juelz Santana”, “ Mims”, etc. Incarcerated from 2001-2004, Riv says, “being isolated from society enhanced the degree of his lyrics.” He exited the “ state pen” with a unique sense of ambition and a overwhelming sense to grasp success. Upon his release in July 05, “4much” was released an made a euphoric impact on Kansas City. He has since performed with numerous artists.. Currently representing Vertigo Records., he is the most seasoned on the label alongside his little brother “ boy genius”…… 

90 And Riv locc

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Still in Motion from the album Chop It Up Presents Riv Locc & 90.
Riv Locc 90 chop it up vertigo records kansas city crip v.v. still in motion vv 

  RIV LOCC Chop It Up 

Clicc- Fair Warning

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