Method Man versus the tax man

He comes to bring the pain but not the payments.
Method Man turned himself in for tax-evasion this morning. According to the folks at, it turns out the Wu-Tang Clan alum did not file his taxes from 2004 through 2007 and owes just under $33,000 buckaroos.

For this indiscretion, I blame you---hip-hop consumer. Meth, the Staten Island native released two albums in that time frame: 2004’s “Tical 0: The Prequel” and 2006’s “4:21-The Day After”. “Tical 0” reached gold status even though it is awful and “The Day After” only collected dust despite the quality uptick.

Here is the thing, Meth is a platinum guy and is use to a platinum lifestyle. How dare you ignore his albums. He needs that money. Do you know he got his Lincoln Navigator repossessed last year? He is a rapper --- a good one! He needs his big truck. And you, hip-hop consumer, you are denying him that Navigator. Shameful. Look at this video. Poor Meth, pressing that X-Men comic against his face. He is embarrassed. You are embarrassing him. Stop it.

Method Man led to arraignment

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