'Saw VII' Will Torture You In 3-D Movie Trailer

It's already too much for some people that there's a new Saw movie every year, with new traps to twist victims in horrible, gory ways. With Saw VI putting viewers to Jigsaw's latest tests this weekend, the producers are moving ahead with Saw VII with plans to let Jigsaw loose on the latest filmmaking trend.

"Saw VII is in 3-D," said producer Mark Burg.

From a business standpoint, it seems obvious to put the most lucrative horror franchise in 3-D. Screenwriter Marcus
Dunstan said there's an artistic reason too.

"It answers the question definitively, why make a Saw film in 3-D," Dunstan said. "It answers right away and it answers loud."

Since there's no stopping Saw, that means that probably "Saw VIII" and everything following will also be 3-D. "I think once you start a 3-D movie, you kind of got to continue with it," Burg said. "Once we do Saw VII in 3-D, it's kind of hard then to go back to 2-D."

Dunstan joked that they could go retro. "Saw VIII in black and white," he said. "It's a talkie."

Actor Tobin Bell, who plays the infamous Jigsaw, knows he's going to have to adjust his performance accordingly. "That's something I'm not going to be thinking about," Bell said. "They're going to say to me, 'Please, I love what you're doing but could you reach like that please?' So am I looking forward to it? No. It'll just be one further thing to think about. I'm going to be doing the same thing I've always been doing but hopefully they'll have lots of good technical people around to guide us and it'll be an interesting result in that way."

Don't worry, Jigsaw fans. Story will always come before the gimmick. "Listen, we have Saw VII," Burg said. "We're working on the script. Let's hope Saw VII turns out well so there can be a Saw VIII."

"Saw VI" opens Friday.

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