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Soulja Boy Tell'em is out of jail after spending the night behind bars on Wednesday, following his arrest on a charge of obstruction. The rapper (born DeAndre Way), was detained when Georgia police responded to a report of juveniles hanging out in an abandoned home on Wednesday night in the McDonough area of Atlanta.
According to Captain Jason Bolton of the Henry County Police, someone called in a report of individuals hanging out at an abandoned home. When officers arrived on the scene, they found around 40 people standing in a dark backyard behind the house.
"You couldn't really tell what was going on," Bolton said. "But about half of the group ran from the officer on foot. He ordered, of course, for them to stop. ... There were several vehicles left at that location."
Bolton said that when the officer tried to speak to the remaining individuals — who were not identified by police — to figure out what was going on, he was told that they had gathered for a video shoot.
While investigating the scene, the officer figured out that one of the people who fled was Soulja Boy, 19, who eventually returned to claim his white Range Rover, which was left at the house. Upon his return, the officer charged the rapper with one count of obstruction, a misdemeanor, for running from police when he'd been ordered to stop. The rapper was released on $550 bond on Thursday morning and a follow-up court date was not available at press time.
A spokesperson for Soulja Boy had no comment on the arrest at press time. It was unknown what video the rapper, who frequently posts viral videos on his Web site, was shooting before the incident.

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