Steve Phillips 'girlfriend' photo: Tight-lipped jilted mistress Brooke Hundley blows by reporters

Brooke Hundley, 22-year-old production assistant who had affair with ESPN analyst Steve Philips, leaves her apartment complex Friday.
Brooke Hundley, the mistress whose fling with ESPN analyst Steve Phillips ended the former Mets GM's marriage and may have permanently damaged his career, surfaced outside her Connecticut home for the first time since the sex scandal broke.
A photographer for the New York Daily News captured 22-year-old Hundley leaving her house Friday as she breezed by reporters without comment.
After being spurned by Phillips following their three-week affair, Hundley left a taunting letter for Phillips’ wife about their tryst. Hundley wrote that she was "not just some random girl he had sex with in parking lots."
Phillips' wife, Marni, called police Aug. 19 when she came home to find Hundley in her driveway.
Hundley, in turn, claims Phillips tried to ruin her career and threatened to get her fired if she told his wife about their affair.
Phillips, 46, has acknowledged the affair and took a leave of absence from the network. In 1998, he admitted having sex with a Mets employee, who sued for sexual harassment. That case was settled out of court.

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