Is Beanie Sigel Headed To G-Unit? Listen Here

Is Beanie Sigel Headed To G-Unit?

Although former Roc-A-Fella Records artist Beanie Sigel seems to be on the outs with the label's head Jay-Z--thanks to a diss track he released last week--it looks like he's got another deal on the table... with 50 Cent's G-Unit.
50 appeared on Philadelphia's Power 99 radio station with Beanie Sigel Tuesday (November 3) and made the announcement. "Beans is coming to G-Unit," 50 said.
While this deal is brand new, 50 revealed that he tried to sign the Broad Street Bully in the past, but Jay-Z blocked it. The G-Unit General said Beanie was so hot at the time, he was willing to drop some big money to get him.
"It was at least $800,000 at that point. At least, with the heat that was around him at that point," Fif' explained. "I'll tell you what I paid for Mobb Deep--that was at least $800,000 at that point. There's no way [Beanie Sigel] wouldn't have got that.
"I thought that [Jay-Z] felt that he would be losing something to me, when they wouldn't do the deal," he continued. "I get him out and go right away with the actual music. I was aware of Beans at that point, because I was going to the joint he was in."
At press time, it wasn't clear if the deal was official yet, or if they were still ironing out the details. But one thing is clear, 50 is interested and Beans seems to be as well.

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Jade Yellow at: November 4, 2009 at 2:47 PM said...

he a lame foreal. jay-z is the greatest he needs to shuddup i'll follow if you do.


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