Mike Tyson May Face Jail Time For Paparrazi Assault

A sheriff in Arizona claims that Mike Tyson is in big trouble if his airport scuffle arrest violates his probation.
Tyson was arrested Wednesday for punching a paparazzi photographer who approached the former boxer at the Los Angeles International Airport to take pictures. According to Tyson's spokesperson, the photographer was overly aggressive, and posed a threat to Tyson's wife and kids, who were traveling with him.
According to reports, the problem with Tyson's K.O. arrest is the fact he's already on probation for a2007 DUI and cocaine conviction in Arizona.
Joe Arpaio, the sheriff in Arizona who supervises the Tent City jail in Maricopa County where Tyson served time for his 2007 conviction, says the former boxer is in for it if his arrest is found to have violated the terms of the probation.
"Mike Tyson has served time in the Tents before and if he is violated on the terms of his probation here in Arizona, he better get his jail time done while the weather in Phoenix is cool and not 140 degrees in the summer time," he told TMZ.
Tyson was arrested and booked on a misdemeanor battery charged following the airport punch. He was later released after posting $20,000 bond. -

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