Kat Stacks

Kat Stacks admits to fucking the whole Young Money roster (and industry for that matter) and then puts them on blast for being broke and other bullshit while promoting her upcoming book.

Who is Kat Stacks? Kat Stacks is a mega groupie or mega fan who started a Twitter account to meet and hook up with celebrities and then write about it. From there she decided to start writing and taking pictures to document her trials and tribulations?

She has a blog that has apparantly taken off. She isn't afraid to bare it all - just one look at her blog reveals that she's carrying on the groupie tradition. If you're into vivid tales of sex, lies, and maybe videotape?, then check it out.

She's already had a few celebrities get upset at her and go off on her on the internet. If not, skip over it. Here's the link to her blog http://katstacks.blogspot.com/

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