Lil Wayne Blasted hiring Escorts

Here is Jessicas story
Jessica: Well the way I even got into contact with him was that he called my girlfriends Eros Advertisement (Escort Service) so she went and saw him, after that I asked her to go also. She didnt wanna go so I went instead.
The second time  He was kinda in a rush because he was texted me earlier in the day to come maybe around 1 or so and I didnt get over there till about 5. Anyways the sex was really good actually, hes very affectionate.
The 3rd time I was at club Play, First we were at a table with sum NFL players, but then they announced Nicki Minaj and the whole Young Money was there. The DJ announces for Nicki Minaj to sign me and my friends boobs lol. So after the club we all meet up at the studio. We drink smoke and then his P.A take me and my girlfriend went to his condo on the Beach. We all just go to the bedroom. we just get straight to giving him head, he loves when two  girls do it at the same time lol then he grabs a condom and we start first, doggy first. He kisses my back the whole time. He's very sweet and passionate. We go for like 5 minutes or so. then he changes the condom and it was my friends turn. He then finishes. We lay there for a minute, then he showerd and got dressed. I really don't think this guy sleeps at all it was like 8 in the morning and he was still going. but yea thats about it. i guess it was fun while it lasted ya know..

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