Fifth Gen Pontiac T/A - 2011 Trans Am

The Trans Am design cues are everywhere, but nowhere more evident than in the nose and hood. The Camaro front fascia was reshaped with urethane for the distinctive '77- and '78-style beak, and an egg-crate grille insert replaced the Camaro's vertical bar grille. The Shaker scoop is fully functional and made out of two '78 Shakers. And, of course, one can't miss the defining detail, the one that smacks you over the head and insists, "It's a Trans Am, dammit!"-the big screaming chicken on the hood.

Moving aft, we find the appropriate fender ducts, and at the tail end lies the general Camaro shape but with taillights sourced from another GM car, a big lip spoiler, and a few other subtle changes. Combine that with the black and gold paint scheme and the gold snowflake-ish wheels and the look is undeniably Trans Am. The interior was also given the touch with a custom dash treatment, stitching, and sill plates. And it all works seamlessly, as though Pontiac never left us and this is its latest offering to the muscle-hungry masses.

This car was developed by loyal Pontiac fans, but not just to commemorate the past. The plan is to build more of them. Otto Body did the build and all the fabrication off of Kevin Morgan's design, and Trans Am Depot will sell the conversions. All this is very new, so there are a lot of details still to iron out, but complete conversions will be done at Trans Am Depot in Florida and Otto Body in Nebraska. They're considering selling the individual parts, but according to Tod, "The numbered, Kevin Morgan Signature Edition cars will all go through one of the two shops."

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