Spring/Summer 2010 Footwear

This year designers are taking us to new heights- literally.  Sky-high heels (do me just fine, thank you) are only right for the season.  This year there’s two extremes: kitten heel or 6 in pump.  No in betweens.  The structure and body of the shoes have gotten more crazy- from the actual heel to color schemes, these babies have gone wild.  Just peep these Versaces.

Military styles are the trend for Fall 2010 and they crept in just a bit for Spring/Summer; rugged, combat bottoms made their way back (no Ma-no-no’s though) on a pair of Jessica Simpson’s and also on these L.A.M.B. joints.  Gwen even added an exaggerated platform to a normal pump.
Another oldie resurfaced from the 90’s: clogs.  From Louis Vuitton to Chanel, everyone has their own take on the trend.  Alexander Wang combined a classic oxford look and beautiful leather for his.

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