Adam Lambert: "If I Had You" Video Premiere! (Video Inside) and Pics

Continuing to push forth with his successful post-Idol career, Adam Lambert has dished out another brand new video for his fans' viewing pleasure.
The latest offering happens to be Lambert's new single, "If I Had You," which delves into the political arena a bit.
With the song having debuted on, Lambert tells of the tune, “"Basically, what it's saying is no matter what color your skin is, no matter what religion you are, no matter what your sexuality is ... we can all party together. And all this other stuff — money, success, fortune, fashion, glam — it's all great, but it doesn't mean anything if you're not connecting."
Adam adds, “Over the past year, in addition to my unbelievable opportunities, I have also been faced with the unique challenge of staying positive in light of some critics and closed mindedness. My friends, family, and my devoted fans have been a key force in keeping me grounded."

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