Gary Coleman's parents seek custody of his remains (Pics) and Story

The parents of former child TV star Gary Coleman are seeking custody of his body and want it returned to his hometown in Illinois, according to Coleman's former manager.

Coleman, 42, died of a brain hemorrhage Thursday, May 28, after apparently having a seizure or hitting his head, according to a 911 call made by his ex-wife, Shannon Price.

Victor Perillo, former manager and family spokesman, said Coleman's parents have legal custody of his body because he was divorced from Price. It was Price who ordered that Coleman be taken off of life support. Coleman was conscious at the hospital the day of the 911 call, but fell unconscious the next day.

A spokeswoman for Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, Janet Frank, said Price was allowed to make health care decisions for Coleman when he could not make them for himself.

"The arrangement we're working on now is to get Gary back to his next of kin, which is his parents. The funeral home has been notified, the sheriff's office, we've notified them that there is to be no communication on where the body is to go unless its dealt with legally with Gary's next of kin, and that's the way it stands right now," Perillo told The Associated Press in a telephone interview from British Columbia.

Perillo said Coleman's parents have discussed having a small, private ceremony and that his body could be returned to Illinois as soon as Friday.

It is unclear whether Price and Coleman ever remarried after their divorce; police records have shown that Coleman and Price had an unsteady relationship since meeting on the set of the 2006 comedy, "Church Ball."
And she has produced a handwritten 2007 document, in which the actor reportedly names her as the "sole heir of any and all monies, properties, bank accounts, earnings, model trains, vehicles, cars, toys, games, electronics, homes, other inheritances if any, all things physical and/or intellectual."

The addendum, modifying an allegedly unsigned 2006 will, stated: "I revoke all previous wills. I specifically disinherit my biological parents and siblings." The actor's former manager and his "Diff'rent Strokes" co-star Todd Bridges also claim they have instruction and authorization re Coleman's funeral and estate plans.

But the tragic star's estranged parents, Willie and Edmonia Sue Coleman, insist they won't be part of the ongoing estate battle. In a TV interview on Friday morning, June 11, Edmonia said, "There's enough going on, there's enough disrespect toward him (Gary). We just will not be a part of that."

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