Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson Dish On Twilight And Teen Virginity

Both Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, who folks are saying are romantically involved behind closed doors, are aware of the impact that the Twilight series is having on the 'cool' factor being increased in teen virginity. The idea is that this romantic series, which focuses on a man being willing to wait for his counterpart - not an easy task when she looks like Kristen Stewart -  is resonating very well on teen girls who want to be relieved of the stress of being forced into sexual situations. The folks over at E! News caught up with the undercover lovers to discuss their movie and its relation to chastity:

"Oh my god, definitely," Kristen Stewart told us on the carpet with the stern-yet-sweet look she exhibits so well. "I feel like everything in our movie—the reason people love it so much—is because it's everything that we experience. It's like put on this...I don't want to say ideological...It's just put on this level that it is fantasy love. You feel like when you're in love it's fake almost. I feel like that's how everyone feels."

Spoken like a girl who has been truly smitten before! Speaking of, Robert Pattinson, in his ├╝ber-cool, maroon Gucci suit, added that he has no clue if holding out for something great is in touch with teens today, but it's what he is used to.

"I hope so," Pattinson dished about whether Edward's self-control is relatable to guys his age.

"I don't know, I didn't really go to a normal high school," Robert Pattinson ‘fessed. He added, "I went to a very romantic high school."

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