Lil Boosie Charged With Murder, May Face Death Penalty

Baton Rouge rapper Lil Boosie (real name Torrance Hatch) is no stranger to trouble with the law. Already incarcerated for probation violation on drug and gun charges, the Trill Entertainment rapper and two associates (one of them only 17 years old) were indicted on first-degree murder charges by a grand jury on Thursday, June 17.

The men are accused of being involved in the shooting of 35-year-old Terry Boyd in his own house in October. District attorney Hiler Moore stated that the killing seemed to be "over turf" and that if Lil Boosie is convicted the death penalty is not out of the question. The same day, Hatch was also indicted on multiple drug and conspiracy charges for smuggling large amounts of codeine, ecstasy and marijuana into prison with intent to distribute. His girlfriend, a prison guard and a fellow inmate were also charged as co-conspirators. In addition to these charges, prosecutors believe the 27-year-old rapper may have been involved in at least five other slayings.

"I'm innocent," said the rapper when asked if he has anything to say to his fans. However, his lyrics indicate otherwise.  Boosie was in the midst of releasing his last album, "Superbad: The Return of Boosie Bad Azz," during his last set of legal troubles, but a follow-up may be a long time in coming. 

The arrest of Torrence "Lil Boosie" Hatch and his most current charge of first-degree murder has sparked an online media frenzy. There are some people who appear to be rallying behind the accused killer, while others are outraged by his alleged actions.
"I'm innocent, completely innocent," Hatch said Friday as he was led out of Louisiana State Police Headquarters in handcuffs.
Investigators said Hatch was involved in the shooting death of Terry Boyd in Oct. 2009. Hatch's friend, Arthur "Silky Slim" Reed, said the streets have been talking since his arrest.
"It's been out there for a minute and even on some of the stuff that he's recorded, he says he's being investigated," Reed said.
Through his music, Hatch reached a lot of people. On Facebook, Twitter and other sites, his name appears to be everywhere. "Free Boosie" is posted on several sites.
"I think the most important part for us to realize is there are hundreds of thousands of little kids that listen to him and this is their hero," Reed said. "When you come from basically nothing, these communities are basically nothing but survival camps. When someone makes it out, you look up to them."
However, according to some of the messages posted on social media sties, some people might argue Hatch is someone no one should look up to. Facebook user "E.R." wrote the following message.
"Boosie dumb as hell how u famous and still doin the same stuff u use to do, u suppose to exclude urself from that type of lifestyle and try and better others when u make it."
In Nov. 2009, Hatch granted a tour of his home the night before he went to prison on drug charges and a probation violation. As the father of eight spent time with his kids, he said one of the hardest aspects of being behind bars is being away from his children. Now charged with first-degree murder, for Hatch, the death penalty could be a possibility.
"I don't have a huge amount to say about Boosie. Boosie has to stand up and be a man for his actions. My whole thing is that kids should see this as a turning point in their lives," Reed added.
Hatch was also recently indicted on drug charges. He faces three counts of possession with the intent to distribute codeine, ecstasy and marijuana.

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