Pierced Nipple Clogs (WTF)

The question “To clog or not to clog?“ is the quandary of the moment, and the Kenneth Kirschner clog is in that same vein. Since Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel introduced clogs again as a big trend for this summer, everybody is following the trend. Louis Vuitton has clogs in their range, Alexa Chung wears them regularly and all big fashion labels do have at least one pair of clogs in their summer collection.
The Kenneth Kirschner clog is different. This pair is extremely funny and naughty all at once. The forefront is a pierced nipple and while labels such as Louis Vuitton add some hair to their clogs, Kirschner just concentrates on the sexual side. No hair is added, no extra gimmicks can be found. You just got the titty itself and that makes the shoe hilarious. Would you wear something like this? 

The Japanese government has issued a public warning regarding the popular Croc shoes. The world-famous plastic clogs have been the cause of 40 accidents, most of them involving children, as the Crocs get stuck in escalators very easily. The worst was suffered by a 5-year-old girl that broke her middle toe and the nails of three other toes ripped off after her shoe got stuck on the moving stairs. Six others were mildly injured, the youngest of which was 2. The remaining 33 people just reported damage to the shoes, but the Japanese government decided to intervene before any more accidents could occur.

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