Snoop Dogg Finally Granted Entry To The U.K.

After what seemed liked a never-ending battle with U.K. immigration authorities rapper Snoop Dogg has finally been granted a visa to visit the country. The Wall Street Journal reports that Snoop was informed of the decision last week.
The decision to allow Snoop to return to the U.K. couldn’t have come at a better time. In the coming weeks, the Cali-based rapper will perform at the renowned Glastonbury Festival, a concert in London’s Hyde Park, and a charity event in Manchester.
According to Snoop’s lawyer, if he was unable to perform at those shows because of visa issues he could have possibly lost somewhere near half a million dollars.
“This is a major coup for the renewal of his relationship with the British immigration authorities and justifies the approach he has taken over the last three years to clear his name and reputation,” said Snoop’s lawyer in a letter sent to immigration authorities.
Following the ban Snoop received after a scuffle and consequent arrest at London’s Heathrow Airport he attempted to visit the country again in 2007, but was denied entry.

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