(Update) Standoff ends when Kansas City police officers enter empty house

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - A spokesman with the Kansas City Police Department says officers ended a standoff after about seven hours Wednesday morning when they realized the house they had surrounded was empty.
Police spokesman Darrin Snapp says officers were called to an armed residential robbery in the 7800 block of East 105th Street around 5 a.m.
While investigating, authorities learned suspects may be at a home in the 7800 block of East 13rd Terrace.
Detectives responded to the home and saw several people run into the house as they arrived.
The standoff was called when the suspects would not surrender themselves from the home. Snapp said four people surrendered earlier, but two people were believed to be still inside the home.
At about noon, investigators said they entered the home, but the two suspects they thought were inside were nowhere to be found.

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