Vince Young Fighting In The Strip Club (STORY) and (PICS) +(VIEDO)

When will football players understand that paying my college tuition is much more important than making it rain and assaulting people at strip clubs? I’m just saying…. Titan star quarterback Vince Young has been named the main suspect in the assault of a Dallas strip club patron. Check out the video below. Our sources claims Vince allegedly had an altercation outside the strip joint, a person was left injured, and Vince dipped from the scene before police arrived. An official with the Dallas Police Department said,Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young is the prime suspect in a Saturday night assault at a Dallas strip club that left an individual with bodily injury.
No warrant has been issued, but police say Young is the prime suspect. The altercation allegedly broke out after words were exchanged at Club Onyx in Dallas. The Houston native was drafted by the Tennessee Titans with the third overall pick in the NFL Draft in 2006. He is known for leading his alma mater, the University of Texas, to a national championship in 2006. This sucks because his looooong time girlfriend is expecting their first kid next month…..
The Dallas Police Department reports that they gave him a $500 citation after reviewing surveillance footage. The citation carries a max penalty of a $500 stacks. -Written by Courtney L.

Vince Young's mother says lesson learned after fight at strip club

The mother of Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young says her son learned a lesson after he was caught on tape fighting at a strip club in Dallas.

"Everything happens for a reason," said Felicia Young at her home near Houston. "It’s to teach us a lesson. You are never going to get anywhere or do anything or do better in life if you haven’t been through anything."

Early Sunday morning, Young was in a scuffle with a man who reportedly started talking trash about the University of Texas. The fight reportedly started after someone in the room flashed an upside-down "hook 'em horns" sign. It’s a derogatory sign referring to the NFL star’s alma mater.

The NFL mom learned about what happened on her way home from a church function in North Carolina. Her son called her late Sunday to tell her about it.

“What I told him was that I was glad he called me and I didn’t have to hear it from someone else, so that was important to me to hear from him,” she said. “I just said a small prayer and asked God to keep us strong.”

Young was cited for misdemeanor assault. He could face up to a $500 fine.

The quarterback spoke to reporters Monday afternoon after a practice in Nashville.

“I made a mistake,” he said. “Like I told my teammates earlier, I apologized to them as well as the organization and you know all my fans, and especially my family, and people that look up to me. I made a big mistake even being out there.”

It’s a mistake that his mother believes her 27-year-old son will learn from.

“He’s going to use that to his betterment. He’ll be able to share that with young people everywhere and he will make better choices,” she said.

She said she has a little advice for her son.

“You continue to be straight up and always, you have to watch your composure and it doesn’t matter what other people say and the choices that we make we have to accept the consequences,” she said.

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