Freeway Rick - Talks Rick Ross Lawsuit

Rick Ross updated fans on Twitter Friday (July 2nd) about the lawsuit he is facing. We reported that Rick Ross seemingly admitted defeat in the legal battle, saying "Sometimes you lose". I had a feeling he wouldn't say something like that unless he already knew something...and it seems he did. Ross tweeted that the lawsuit filed by the former drug dealer Freeway Ricky Ross was thrown out of court. "Just got update on lawsuit filed against me... injunction to stop release of my album has been denied!! aka tossed out!!... Teflon don july20..." The lawsuit filed against Miami rapper William Leonard Roberts II claimed he stole the name and image of Rick Ross the drug kingpin. Ross warned William Roberts II that he would take legal action if Roberts didn't change his name before releasing his upcoming album. With the lawsuit out of the way, the rapper Rick Ross will now go ahead with the release of Teflon Don on July 20th.

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