Top 10 Jobs For Ex Felons

Getting a job with a felony on your record can be very difficult, as you probably already know.I Know I Do IT's Very Hard Depending on what state your in and what Job your looking for.Sometimes Depending On what you did or how many felons you have . Its better to relocate to a another state most don't do a world wide Back grown Checks.  Jobs for felons are difficult to get, and most companies wont hire a felon. The ones that do generally don't pay very well. I have compiled a list of the top 10 jobs for felons. Helpful tip: if your felony is over 7 years old, most states don't allow background checks to go back that far. If your state has this law, you can answer 'no' on an application.

#10 Job - UPS Delivery Driver
UPS has been known to hire felons. They have moderate salaries and is a stable job to have.
#9 Job - Join the army
The army accepts people with criminal backgrounds, depending on the crime. Contact a recruiter to see if you qualify to join.
#8 Job - Truck driver
Many trucking companies are willing to hire felons. Most likely you will need to obtain a trucking license.
#7 Job - Start your own business
You can start your own business. One idea is to go to school to be a locksmith, and start your own company. Also consider getting a barber license.
#6 Job - Telephone Customer Service
Many companies are willing to hire felons for over the phone customer service, because you aren't dealing with the people in person.
#5 Job - Temp Agency
Temp agencies can occasionally find good work for you. Many times it will be day labor, so be in good physical shape.
#4 Job - Family business
See if you can work in a family or friend's business. They will be happy to hire you if you are willing to work hard. They will probably be glad to help you get back on your feet.
#3 Job - Independent Contractor
Many people will still use your services as long as you get the job done. If you work hard, it doesn't matter that you have a felony on your record.
#2 Job - Privately owned small businesses
Some chain businesses have rules against accepting felons. Small business owners are more likely to accept you. They will take more of a 'risk' in hiring employees, and you can be more personal with the business owner.

Convicted felons go to jail and they serve their time. It is assumed that they pay their debt to society, but that isn't usually how employers look at it. As an employer, it might be worth considering hiring an ex-convict if they appear to be properly rehabilitated. That is especially true after a long period of time has passed with no further incidents. The only exception should be for violent offenders that can harm other people. There are several reasons you may want to consider an ex-convict for employment. Giving someone a chance to survive in the world is one of the best things you can do for society as a whole.
Reasons to hire a felony offender:
Less chance of recurrence- Many employers fear that a felony conviction means that the person is likely to re-commit the same crime or to commit a different crime in the workplace. The truth is, that isn't the truth. Felons who have been honest on their application know that they will be watched more closely than other employees because of the conviction. That is a normal thing for any employer to do. That means that it is less likely for a convicted felon who has already spent his/her time in jail to commit another crime. They don't want to go back to prison, after all. It is more likely for someone who has never been convicted of a crime or doesn't admit it on his/her application to be the high risk for crime in the workplace.
Convicted felons have to eat too- Convicted felons have to eat and feed their families too. They are in need of housing and clothing as well. They can't legally obtain anything that costs money if they don't have a job. Society ends up paying the price because the convicted felon who has already done his/her time obtains things illegally simply because they can't find proper work. That is the vicious cycle of a felony conviction. Law abiding citizens of your community will be much better off if you offer work to convicted felons who have been rehabilitated.
Passing time- Many states allow employers to ask if the applicant has ever had any felony convictions. This wording can mean the difference between a person being able to eventually find suitable work in order to survive. Felony convictions cover a wide range of crimes. People often tend to think of a felony conviction as a violent crime. Felony crimes shouldn't be brushed off as nothing, but each case should be looked at separately. There are ways to determine if someone is likely to commit another crime again. For example: If a person
commits a crime that is classified as a felony conviction but it is the first offense in their lives , should that mean that they should never have a right to find suitable work again? Is it reasonable to expect that after seven years of not committing further crimes that the ex-convict will commit a crime again? It is probably not as reasonable as you think it is. Time tells us many things and one of them is that people really can change.
People who are convicted of crimes often do learn their lesson the first time around. They may have made a very bad error in judgment one time in their lives. It may be worth giving someone a second chance so that they can survive without having to commit other crimes to do it. Some criminals are career criminals and will continue to be such for the rest of their lives. Other criminals are the ones that may deserve a second chance at life so they don't become career criminals.

Some discussion and Ideas on What Ex-Felons And Their Families Can Do To Start An Ongoing National Grassroots Movement To Persuade Politicians to Revamp and/or Eliminate Employment Laws That Legally Allows Employment and Housing Discrimination Against The EX--Felon Population

The Ex-Felon population for many years have been legally discriminated against after returning home from prison making it very difficult for them to attain competitive livable wages, decent housing, and credit due to the current Employment and Housing Laws on the books that allows employers, and landlords to legally discriminate against the Ex-Felon population. This Ex-Felon Disenfranchisement has existed for many years. Now, .I believe it’s the right time that Ex-cons and their families begin come forward and together to form a strong National Grassroots Movement Initiative to persuade our elected officials across this nation Including President-Elect Obama to revamp and/or eliminate current laws that allow legal discrimination against Ex-cons.

Employers are allowed to discriminate against Ex-Cons in hiring practices due to acts like “The Negligent Hiring Act”, where an employer can be held liable and ultimately be sued if an Ex-con whom the company hired commits a crime against a co-worker while on company time, including many insurance companies discourage employers from hiring Ex-Cons, because if they do, the employer would have to pay higher liability insurance premium. “The Fair Credit Reporting and Consumer Acts” allows for employers to conduct back ground checks on prospective employees to discover whether or not they have a criminal and/or bad credit record in making final hiring decisions, landlords and creditors are also allowed to conduct background checks too in making tenant, and credit granting decisions. Now even private citizens have access to criminal records disguised as taking Public Safety protection measures. with such laws on the books, employers and landlords are scared to hire or or give tenancy to Ex-cons in fear of being sued by their employees or tenants if an Ex-con commits a crime against them.

“The Negligent Hiring Law” needs to be eliminated in order to prevent co-worker, and tenants from suing the employer or landlord due to crimes committed against them by Ex-cons, let that Ex-con pay for his or her crime alone, not employers, or landlords, because employers don’t want to hire Ex-cons if they risk being sued sometime down the road, and the same for goes for landlords they don’t want to extend housing to Ex-cons if they risk being held responsible and sued for allowing Ex-cons who committed crimes on their properties against another tenant, put that Ex-con back in prison, but don’t immediately prevent him or her from ever attaining decent housing after release from prison and call it proactive public safety measures, that’s why many Ex-cons has gone back into a life of crime due to lack of hope and despair, because of the lack of employment opportunities and decent housing. These current laws that allow Ex-felon disenfranchisement has done more harm than good, Ex-cons become again a burden to tax payers instead of tax payers because they go back to prison and the states and federal government prison systems have to take care of prisoners as long as they are incarcerated.

I believe if these laws I mentioned earlier where revamped and/or even eliminated all together, more ex-cons would become tax payers instead of tax burdens; causing the prison populations across this Nation to be reduced by large numbers and percentages, because Ex-cons would be given better opportunities to turn their lives around and become productive law abiding citizens, and it would also reduce crime and reduce public safety concerns, because Ex-cons who want to work and be productive will be too busy working to be out in the streets re-offending and possibly going back to prison.

Ideas I have came up with to form a Felon Employment and Housing National Enfranchisement Movement” across this Nation. This Movement must be Federalized in order for it to be successfully observe red and enforced standard bases in every state, town, and city across America:

1. All Ex-Felon and their family members should begin “The Ex-Felon Enfranchisement Movement” by writing letters to all State and Federal Elected Officials persuading them to begin changing Laws and Acts that allows employers, land lords, and creditors to discrimination against Ex-Felons, including making any and all changes to these laws and acts retroactive to include all living Ex-Felons who are not currently incarcerated. This movement is about real “Second Chances for all Ex-Felons to successfully integrate back into American Society after incarceration.

2. Persuade our Elected Officials to band employers, landlords, creditors, and the general public. access to criminals records, and only allow law enforcements access to such records.

3. Persuade our Elected Officials to pass laws that would demand that law enforcement delete Ex-Felon Records from all public databases 5 to 7years after incarceration and living crime free.

4. Form taskforces across this nation in every state to advocate on Ex-Felon’s behalf persuading our Elected Officials on an on-going bases to revamp and/or eliminate acts and laws that allow Ex-Felon discriminations in all areas of society after incarceration.

5. Persuade Elected Officials pass laws making Ex-felons a “Protective Class” from all discriminatory activities in this Nation, which should be included in the Civil Rights, The Second Chance Act, and the EEOC laws.

6. Persuade Elected Officials to automatically return all our Civil Rights back to us after losing them
due to being an Convicted Felon after 5 to 7 years of living crime free.

Ex-Felon Disenfranchisement should no longer be tolerated here in America, it’s high time that all Ex-Felons and their families come out of hiding the shame and embarrassment of having a Felony and stand –up and be counted on to help form a Grassroots National Movement that would allow all Ex-Felons to be normal respected law-abiding tax -paying citizens in our society once again. There’s power in numbers, and if we band together, we a have a better chance of being heard by our Elected Officials, and we can possibly get some things changed all across America that would approve our chances, hopes and dreams of attaining competitive employment, livable wages, and decent housing, something that Ex-Cons have struggled to attain for many years due to the legal discriminatory laws and acts on the books directed towards the felon population that’s holding us back from being successfully integrated back in to society after our incarceration. This is also legal double jeopardy against the Ex-felon population and it needs to be strongly addressed and eliminated once in for all.

It would be nice if the Moderators on this site would consider setting up a separate discussion forum for the Movement, this would help promote the cause to get things changed concerning this issue if more Felons know about it and can also discuss, give their ideas, opinions, and valuable input on this topic, and help get the ball to rolling to help change all Felons lives for the better after incarceration; letting them know that there would possibly be a productive life waiting for them after serving time in prison, if we can ban together to get the laws changed in this country that would better benefit Ex-Cons.

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