Vashtie Kola Becomes Nike's First Female Designer for Air Jordan Line

Vashtie Kola proves that despite living in a man's world, there's always room for women to shine. The hip designer and acclaimed video director recently teamed up with Nike, becoming the first female designer to ever collaborate with the Air Jordan line.

The limited edition Ladies' Air Jordan 2 Retro sneakers reflect the low key designer's tom-boy style, with an hint of femininity. "The shoe was inspired by my line Violette, myself and the girls who would wear them on their feet," Kola told BlackVoices. "I wanted them to be feminine and chic, but masculine and true to the original form. Balance has always been a key theme used in my designs and daily life, so I wanted to balance masculinity and femininity with this sneaker."

The Air Jordan 2 collaboration is one of several instances the New York-based artist has teamed up with the sneaker giant. "I worked for Nike in the past at their 255 STUDIO location in Manhattan as well as a few Nike campaigns." Kola told BlackVoices. "My presence within the Nike family inevitably crossed over into the Jordan family."

Kola's Retro designs feature a lavender and deep purple colorway, along with silver accents around the laces. "It's the 25th anniversary of the Jordan 2 and traditionally you give someone silver when celebrating 25 years. I incorporated metallic accents that frame the shoe to honor that," said Kola.
While the Retro sneakers mark a feminine milestone for the Jordan 2 line, it's yet another day in a male dominated industry for Vashtie Kola. "I'm pretty used to being apart of the female minority in boys circles," said Kola. "For the most part, I'm used to knowing how to hold my own and can do it pretty easily especially if the men I'm working with are open to working on an equal plane with a female. And most times they are."
The limited edition Air Jordan 2 sneakers hits stores this Saturday October 2nd. Be sure to get them while they last.

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