Kansas City Mo 16 charged for KCK cocaine ring

The FBI and Kansas City Kansas Police cracked a major drug trafficking operation after four years of work. Now, 16 people are behind bars. The FBI says the arrests wouldn't have been possible without the brave people in KCK who knew what was going on and reported problems to police.

Prosecutors now suspect those 16 people used various locations in KCK to sell cocaine and crack cocaine. One of the homes was within 1,000 feet of a school.

Northwest Middle School is home to 600 students. FOX 4 was there last week as police and FBI agents started making arrests and taking evidence from a home in the area of 20th and Longview.

The 49 page indictment announced several charges of drug trafficking, distributing within 1,000 feet of a school, even charges of using a cell phone to help in the sale of drugs.

Prosecutors are now seeking $4.2 million from the people arrested, the amount they say they sold on the streets over the past four years. Authorities are hoping a court will forfeit the six homes used in the operation so they can be sold to other people.

"I want this indictment to send a message to drug traffickers here and around our state," said Barry Grishom, US Attorney. "Stay away from our schools, stay away from our kids and stay away from our homes."

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