Kanye West Fans React To Controversial

Kanye West's new album art shows off nipples, fangs and angel wings. Now the rapper is suggesting that major retailers have been showing no love whatsoever to the disc, banning it from their stores, a claim that may or may not be true.
Although media reports suggest no ban has been instituted and outlets like Walmart have not returned MTV News' request for comment, what is clear is that the cover is a polarizing one. On the streets of New York City, West fans were split over the cover for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, which depicts two figures, one white and one black, in the nude and seemingly engaged in intercourse.
"I think it's provocative," Arrash Jalali told MTV News. "Definitely challenges the viewer to look a little bit deeper and wonder why he chose to portray such a provocative image for an album."
Sharaya Means, meanwhile, was only wondering one thing: "What was he thinking? Because it's very explicit. Not good at all, very nasty."
West's label, Island Def Jam, was reportedly concerned about the album art but ultimately told the rapper "the label would stand behind him" no matter what.
Some fans argued that West selected the art for the simple sake of being provocative. "I think he's out of big statements to say so he's trying to come with something that's going to stir it up a little bit, keep that hype going," Greg Moncada said.
And if Walmart does end up banning the album, Sade Pilot has one idea of how to censor the art. "Maybe you should give him a gun instead of a beer bottle," she suggested, alluding to a bottle the illustrated male figure holds. "I know they sell guns at Walmart, right?"

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