T.I. could be headed to federal prison for 8 to 14 months-that is if the mega star’s probation officer has anything to say about it.
The probation officer for T.I. is recommending that the rapper face eight to 14 months in prison if his probation is revoked following his recent arrest in Los Angeles.
The rapper’s attorneys countered in court filings this week the probation officer’s recommendations are “erroneous” and that he should at most face between five to 11 months behind bars.
U.S. District Judge Charles Pannell Jr. has set the hearing for 2 p.m. on Oct. 15 for T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris.
An earlier summons for T.I. lists three possible violations of his bond: possession of the drug ecstasy, testing positive for opiates and associating with a convicted felon.
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s officials say the Grammy award-winning rapper was stopped Sept. 1 on a Hollywood street after making an illegal U-turn. Police say they found several pills confirmed to be a controlled substance.-

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