Woman Says Power Shut Off Over 10 Cents (Kansas City)

A Kansas City, Kan., woman said her electricity was turned off after she failed to pay 10 cents on her Board of Public Utility bill.
"Last month, my bill was $158, and that's what I gave them. They didn't say anything," the woman, who did not want to reveal her name, said. "Then this month, it was $158 I gave them on my arrangement. They came out and turned me off."The woman said she had a deal worked out to pay her bill down, but she was a tad off."It said on the arrangement it was $158.10, but I gave them $158, and I wasn't thinking about the 10 cents. I mean, usually, most bills would just add that onto the next part of it."The woman said she contacted BPU about the issues.
"I called to talk to one of the head people, and they wouldn't call me back, wouldn't answer. All they would tell me is to pay the bill," the woman said.The bill the woman's now on the hook for is nearly $800."I don't have it right now, that's why I made arrangements, and they told me they turned it off for the 10 cents. My arrangement broke -- for 10 cents," the woman said.Calls from KCTV5 to BPU went unreturned.

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