Drake Gives Jas Prince Lamborghini For His Birthday As A Thank You(VIDEOS)

As previously reported, Drake was discovered by Jas Prince, the son of Rap-A-Lot founder & CEO J. Prince. During his recent visit to Houston, Drake let his concert crowd know that Jas is the one responsible for introducing him to Lil Wayne, while taking out time to honor him for his birthday. Drake pulled Jas on stage and later began to rap a birthday song, before tossing him the keys to his new Lamborghini – his birthday present from Drake.
“Two niggas two brothers, that stand for the freak-a-lot, me and my old hoes, we don’t really speak a lot, you know I got that music that make yo motha fuckin speakers pop, and if a nigga got a problem, shit you can speak to pops. All them hatin ass bitches, they about to go ham though, when they see me in that Maybach – and you in that Lambo.”

Although Drake is not officially contractually signed to Rap-A-Lot records, J. Prince welcomed him to the family on Bun B’s recent Trill OG album. In a signature album introduction, Prince states “Let’s welcome Drake, the newest member of the family, who my son, Jas Prince, discovered.”
Happy Birthday Jas.

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