Lil Wayne New Song Right Away

'We got a crazy song — if [it's not out] tomorrow, definitely next week,' Wayne's manager tells Rolling Stone

Just one week after being released from prison, Lil Wayne has already finished a new song and is ready to put it out.
"We're trying to put it out, like, tomorrow," Cortez Bryant, Wayne's manager, told Rolling Stone. "We got a crazy song. If not tomorrow, definitely next week."

After spending a few days celebrating, visiting with family and joining Drake onstage in Las Vegas, Wayne settled into Miami's Hit Factory studio early Tuesday. Mack Maine, president of Wayne's Young Money label, tweeted, "It's official Wayne laid his 1st verse!!!! Torture!!!!"
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Videographer/DJ Scoob Doo, who was at the session, told MTV News, "Wayne picked up right where he left off with a 15-hour recording session of nonstop work." He also tweeted a competition, offering a prize to anyone who could guess how many songs Wayne recorded during the session.


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