Nicki Minaj Sometimes 'I have a fear of failure'

Nicki Minaj has admitted that she was "scared" to release an album.

Talking to YRB magazine, the rapper - whose debut Pink Friday is scheduled to drop on November 22 - revealed that she struggled with the fear that she would not find success in the music industry.

"I was so afraid to put out an album for fear of failure," she said.

"I wanted to put my album out on Valentine's Day of 2011. And my label was like, 'Are you f**king crazy?''

However, she insisted that she has since mastered her insecurities and is proud of the final record.

"I know that Pink Friday is a classic album. I have never been this proud of anything in my life," she explained.

"I just think that it's such a dynamic body of work. I'm no longer afraid to drop it. Now, I know it's time."

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