Lil Wayne Buys Wheelchair $11,000 motorized wheelchair Fan's Mom

Lil Wayne would make Santa Claus proud. The New Orleans rapper recently got into the holiday spirit and bought a fan’s mother an $11,000 motorized wheelchair.
According to New York’s Daily News, Weezy felt compelled to help New Jersey woman Evelyn Austin, after receiving dozens of letters from her daughter Ronda while he was locked up in Riker’s Island, where he served eight months for gun charges.
Wayne surprised Ronda one day with a phone call, where he found out her mother’s wheelchair had broke and decided to buy her a new one.
“I couldn’t believe it,” Ronda told the paper of the gift. “I never asked for nothing. I just told him all kinds of different things about me. I never even said I needed help.”
“I pray for him every night thanking him for this chair,” Evelyn added. “I love every bit of it. It changed my life.

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