Rapper Lil’ Scrappy AND Girlfriend Diamond BOTH In Foreclosure!

Lil Scrappy, government name Darryl Richardson, bought his 2,836 sq ft home in Conyers, GA back in 2004.  He copped it for $182,800 back when he was still dropping singles on the radio, but not only has the home  devalued to $123,000, but the bank foreclosed on it this past August.
And if he thought he was going to just move in with his “My Chick Bad” rapper girlfriend Diamond, that’s a no-go.  We’ve also got documents that show Diamond, government name Brittany Carpentero, got her home foreclosed on this past September by Suntrust Bank.  Why?  Because she couldn’t pay her mortgage on her Walden Park neighborhood Atlanta home.
She copped her house for $219,000 back in ‘07–during her Crime Mob stint–and it’s now only worth $202,000.  The house is on the market for $124,000
Diamond’s car was also repossessed last month.  Both homes are currently up for sale. And a source close to her tells YBF that Diamond and Scrappy are currently renting a home in Cobb County, but are behind on their rent.  When frontin’ goes wrong…

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